Community Protectors Benefits Program
As a First Responder or Veteran, you look out for the well being of countless people in the community and country you serve.  Our real estate experts live and work in the same community that you protect.  We believe that we also have an obligation to give back to our community and specifically to the people like you that protect it.  We've created the "Community Protectors Real Estate Program" for you and your family as a way to personally thank you for your dedication, service and sacrifice. 
We pledge to protect your interests when it comes to real estate and mortgage transactions.  You'll have a great real estate experience with us.

We're real estate  and mortgage experts with decades of experience and training to provide you with the 
services and support for your purchase, sale and financing of real estate.  We give you and your family guidance, information and special financial discounts that help you make the best real estate decisions.  
You will Save Money, Save Time, Find and Negotiate the Best Real Estate deal for your personal needs by using the Community Protectors Real Estate Program. It's a way for our companies, employees and families to say "Thank You" to you and your family for all you do for us.

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What is LSNPros? provides access to Lead Share Network® independent business teams specifically related to real estate and wealth management within a localized area. Our team members are professionals dedicated to providing the best local services for your home and life.

Whether as an individual or as a business, working with a Lead Share Network® is a great asset. Access to the Lead Share Network® business team's combined services assists in doing a better job owning, maintaining, managing, protecting or transacting real estate related assets and managing real estate as part of your wealth, tax and estate plan.

The bottom line is - members of LSNPros offer individuals and families, business owners and executives the information needed to make informed and credible real estate, financial, estate planning and insurance decisions.

 A Lead Share Network consists of professionals with these qualities:


  • Knowledge of their profession that is at an "expert" level
  • Highly responsible individual
  • Manager/Owner mentality and attitude
  • Successful at their business
  • Full Time in their profession
  • Desire to connect to other related professionals as resources for a their clients
  • Interested in learning in a team atmosphere
  • Comfortable with use of technology including email, text messaging, mobile applications, smart phone, tablet, PC, etc.
  • Having a portion of their client consulting involving conversations or analysis of real estate as an asset

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